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Optimal In-Season Throwing and Strength Pitching Program

Optimal In-Season Throwing and Strength Pitching ProgramA good number of younger pitchers these days lack much of an off season with the rise in popularity of travel teams and the mix of prep, summer and fall leagues. This has caused a rise in elbow and shoulder injuries at a young age for pitchers who definitely are not allowing themselves an off season to recover and rebuild. I became a recipient of this never-ending loop during my personal career. I received rotator cuff surgery at eighteen to fix a torn supraspinatus after my 1st college start. The three common issues that lead to my tear, the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI), lead by the renowned Dr. James Andrews, has labeled as the explanation for the increase in elbow and shoulder injuries in youth pitchers in their Position Statement released in 2011. Read More..

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Ten Proven Tricks to Pitching Speed

Pitching Velocity TricksYou can find a huge selection of articles on the net titled something such as this article, but a majority of of them are worthless, because they focus predominantly on upper body mechanics as the only means to developing velocity. Any hard thrower will show you, there is a lot more to velocity than simply your arm. If you need to see vital gains in velocity read this entire article and the articles connected to it. The only way you will see improvements, is if you construct a good comprehension of how velocity is made.

Should you be like the majority of every pitcher who reads the following tips and benefits from them, after this you must buy the 3X Pitching Velocity Program. This method, built on these tips and more, will allow you to take your ability to a level which you never thought you could reach! Remember that you are bound by nothing. You have the capability to throw 90 mph. Physicians informed me I would be unable to pitch again and I proved them completely wrong. These pointers will help you do the same. Read More..

Pitching Drills That Hurt!

Pitching Drills That HurtI have played this game long enough to know those pitching drills that are not only a waste of time but will hurt your performance or hurt your arm. My favorite has to be extreme long toss. Great concept, throw the ball as far as you can straight up into the air, on flat ground, because this is going to help you throw harder, when you are on a hill, throwing down the mound, when you are pitching. This is like telling a golfer to take Happy Gilmore swings and hit the ball as hard as you can, because this is going to help you stand still and drive the ball straight down the fairway, with power.

Here is another one of my favorite waste of time pitching drills. The kick your leg over a bucket drill, after you throw the ball. This makes a lot of sense! A drill that is teaching you what to do after you throw the ball. This is like telling golfers to fist pump after you hit the ball, this will make you shoot better because Tiger Woods does this. What is the point of teaching something that occurs after the delivery? When the drive leg moves up after a pitch this is called a recoil and should not be a voluntary actions. Read More..